Jewish Holidays

Please join our community in observing the richness of the Jewish Holidays. For specific service times or community celebration times please see our calendar or monthly bulletin.

Rosh Hashanah

Join us as we welcome the beginning of the Jewish New Year during Erev Rosh Hashanah; services start at 8PM and continue with Rosh Hashanah morning services at 10:00AM including the sounding of the shofar. Typically, the first day of Rosh Hashanah services are immediately followed by Tashlich. Participate in a non-traditional meditative experience for the second day of Rosh Hashanah.

Temple Beth Israel has an open-door policy and there are no ticket reservations required to attend the High Holy Days services.

Yom Kippur

As the ten Days of Awe come to an end, Kol Nidre service at Temple Beth Israel starts at 8:00PM. Yom Kippur morning services start at 10:00AM. Later, in the afternoon, the name of relatives of our congregants are remembered and recited during the Yizkor service. The Torah, afternoon and concluding services follow until the end of the day marked by the shofar blowing.

Temple Beth Israel has an open-door policy and there are no ticket reservations required to attend the High Holy Days services.


Meet us under the Temple Sukkah, shake the lulav and the etrog and partake in our annual “Pizza in the Hut” dinner.

Simchat Torah

During the Simchat Torah service, Temple Beth Israel congregation comes together, brings out all the Torah scrolls from the Ark, and joyfully parades them through the synagogue. Celebration continues with the reading of the final portion of Deuteronomy, and, as tradition demands, the first portion of Genesis immediately after.


This eight-day holiday celebrates the importance of religious freedom as it commemorates the ancient Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks and the miracle of the rededication of the Temple, when oil meant to last for one day burned for eight. During one of the eight nights, families gather at Temple Beth Israel to light their own chanukiah, partake in a potluck dinner, eat latkes and spin dreidels.

Tu Bishvat

As trees are still very dormant and winter is in full swing in the North Country, Temple Beth Israel celebrates Tu Bishvat, “the New Year of Trees”, by eating fruit and nuts of the “seven kinds” that are singled out in the Torah. Join us for our Tu Bishvat Seder where you will find warmth and undying optimism in the return of spring.


At Temple Beth Israel, congregants of all ages dress up and take part in the Megilah Spiel, eat hamantaschen and loudly celebrate the saving of the Jews by Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai from the evil Hamman’s plot. Check Temple calendar for details.


Every year, on the first night of Pessah, the congregation of Temple Beth Israel gathers and celebrates together one of the most important holidays in the Jewish tradition. Our Rabbi leads the Seder and the story of the journey of the Jewish people from slavery to freedom is retold as it is every year. Reservations for the catered dinner must be made well in advance, check our bulletin for details.

Yom Hashoah

Chosen by the Israeli Knesset in 1951, this holiday mourns the millions killed in the Holocaust.   Join us as we commemorate their sacrifice and keep their names alive.


This festival celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai and the spring harvest.  Join us for the Torah service followed by a Yizkor service and a traditional dairy meal.