Tikkun Olam

Giving is a hallmark of Jewish communal life. Kol Yisrael aravim zeh la-zeh: All Israel is responsible for one another. Our sages taught that tzedakah does not mean charity, but righteousness.

Thus it became customary to mark one’s own lifecycle events and momentous occasions with substantial gifts to Jewish communal organizations. It is also traditional to “put a little something into the pushke” to celebrate a bit of good news or good fortune. Similarly, in Jewish communities around the world, members donate in honor of a friend’s birthday or anniversary or yahrzeit observance, in memory of a recent loss, in hope or thanksgiving for a speedy recovery, or celebration of a graduation or other milestone.

Big gifts, little gifts, all are welcome!

Please make checks ($5 or more) payable to Temple Beth Israel, and send to:

Temple Beth Israel
One Bowman Street
Plattsburgh, New York 12901
Attention: Treasurer

Note: Please specify the fund(s) to which your donation is designated and, if applicable, the occasion you are honoring. Unless otherwise specified, the donor’s name will be listed in the monthly bulletin.

General Fund — facilitates the everyday operations of the Temple

Yahrzeit Fund — honoring the yahrzeit observance of loved ones and friends, these monies become part of the General Fund.

The 21st Century Fund — initiated in 1989, this fund provides a reserve of endowment income to assist with the rabbinical expenses of the Temple well into the next century.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund — donations used by the Rabbi to assist needy individuals, contribute to tzedakah, and support other activities that further the mission of the synagogue. Pursuant to relevant tax laws and professional ethics, this fund is not used for the personal benefit of the Rabbi.

The Joyce Cohen Building Trust Fund — originated from funds remaining after the present Temple and Religious School were completed and from the Joyce Cohen estate.  It is used to make capital improvements on the Temple and Rabbinage. Contributions insure our ability to continue proper repairs and maintenance of these properties.

The RabinReligiousSchool Trust Fund — established by Mark and Pearlie Rabin, the income from this trust supports our Religious school, and allows our teachers and administrators remuneration for their services.

Mensch Fund — established by Happy, Steven, Larry and David Freedman in honor of their grandparents, Harry and Rose Roth, this fund provides for programs and purchases not accommodated within the regular Temple budget.

Fanny S. Schiff Trust Fund For Youth Activities — founded by the Schiff and Schlesinger families in honor of a special birthday of the late Mr. Leo (Fanny) Schiff, income from this trust is used to augment programs for Temple youth.

The Charles Slatkin Memorial Trust Fund — established by Mrs. Charles (Regina) Slatkin and her family and friends, income from this trust supports an annual cultural program featuring Jewish art, literature or music.

Woolman Rabbinical Trust Fund — Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Woolman established this fund in order that our small Jewish community continue its ability to support a Rabbi as spiritual leader.

Merkel-London-Memorial Library Fund — a gift of Mrs. David (Meta) Merkel and family and friends, the library provides books, records, films, periodicals, and related items serving the needs of our Religious School and congregation. Our present reading room and library room were endowed by the late David Merkel, Jr. In addition to cash gifts, specific books, records or films selected with the approval of the Rabbi and librarian, are also welcome.

Judge Robert J. Feinberg Memorial Educational Fund — established for purpose of acquiring educational materials, including books, periodicals, audio-visual equipment, videotapes, CD’s, software, etc., to further the education of children and adult members of the congregation.

Martin M. Goldman and Family Fund — allows the Temple to provide for the enhancement of Jewish life and worship in Plattsburgh.

Harvey Duchin Jewish Culture Fund — Cultural programs and/or activities, including music, art, lectures, etc., for the benefit of the congregation